Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey Ben...

Senator Nelson...We want the healthcare bill "ENDED"...not "AMENDED."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

American Thinker kicks out a "Graph of The Day" on their website that presents interesting and usually factual data.   Today's GoTD sync's up with last night's execution of the D.C. Sniper.  There is always the argument that capital punishment does not deter crime.  The graph the Thinker put up today refutes that mainly liberal premise considerably. 

Thank You...

Happy 234th Devildogs!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maybe I'm Crazy...Maybe I'm Nuts...Probably Both...

Last nights election results have been spun in more directions than a chicken feather in the 1980 Grand Island Tornadoes.  The Dems won in NY "which was the real election"..."It wasn't about Obama"...the Republicans won in VA and NJ "and that sends out a message"....and on and on and on. 

My take on the whole affair is that the people in VA and NJ won when they turned out in the millions to pick someone that will hopefully be a better representative for them...and that NY-23 was a two-bit race that the NRC slept through. 

Did anyone look at the candidates in NY-23 or did they just "rubberstamp" an endorsement because Scuzzyfaza had an "R" behind her name?  Even the "Eye of Newt" let her slip under his radar...and now makes up stories to cover his obvious embarrassment.  Maybe we should have more Independents on tickets in 2010 to serve as a wakeup call for Republicans. 

The Republicans were not paying attention...and gave NY-23 away.  They did not achieve a "2010 Toe-hold."  "Fool me once...shame on you...fool me twice...shame on me."...should be their platform motto in 2010.  Do political parties even have platforms anymore?  Or is it just make up stuff that that days particular group wants to hear? 

Another observation...Obama...his administration and most of the Democrats in Congress...and some Republicans too...are living in denial.  They are like little children that are hearing what they don't want to hear and then lie or make loud noises to make it go away.  Neither party is worth the powder and shot to blow them to Hell.  They have lost touch with the American mainstream and really don't care...they are only looking out for their own egos and money to fill their political/private coffers.     

Monday, November 2, 2009

Blue Berry Fields Forever...

ABC News ran a segment on NightLine over the weekend that exposed evil blue berry farmers exploiting "immigrant" children under the age of 12 in Michigan and other states.  They provided the video of a group tracking child labor violations with sorrowful stories of how the children were being victimized.

I guess you can call me heartless...but I was left with one unanswered question...Where are the parents of these children?  Has personal responsibility died in America?  OK...I asked two questions.