Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Bunch of "Smackin' Nazi's"...

Our outgoing mayor...known for her blunt alligator mouth remarks...literally stated Arizonan's are a bunch of Nazi's when it comes to the recent Arizona Immigration Law.  In a recent interview with the Grand Island Independent (Saturday May 22nd, 2010 edition...Page 4-A...upper right...Lincoln Pool Story...last sentence) she blatantly...likely without much thought...used the "N-word."  I find it odd too that the Indy didn't post the Newsmakers weekly interview on their web-site like they ALWAYS usually gets center page billing.  Too many State Track meet stories George?

Like her liberal friends in the video I seriously doubt that she has read the bill (I's a brief 18 pages...not ten like some purport).  I guess it's expected from our mayor...being the good Democrat that she is.  The video leaves me wondering who the real puppets are.  

It's a good thing she's headed out the door...her spending has set this city back several years...and her final day in office can't come soon enough for a lot of us.  I look forward to her crawling back into her "tax free" zone.  Maybe Arizonan's ought to boycott Hornady Bullet products while they cut the power to LA???

Of course all this has left me pondering what our mayoral wannabe's are thinking about Arizona's law?  I bet a dollar to a donut that our former mayor wannabe...the good Republican he touts himself to be...pulls some kind of  "Heiny Manuever" when queried about what the folks in Arizona or Fremont are trying to do to stop the costs borne by illegals.  So like his primary opponents...who also call a club a club...I will be voting for the other guy come November. 

By the way...I support Arizona's law...they are doing what the U.S. Government fails miserably at...enforcing the same laws.  

The Arizona Bill...  

The Fremont, Nebraska Ordinance proposed in 2008... 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ben Nelson Off The Hook...

While listening to the radio this morning I heard a brief snippet from Arlen Specter Pennsylvania Senator blazing the trail for Ben Nelson in 2012.  Senator Specter said it was he...evidently not Ben Nelson...that provided the 60th vote on Obamacare.  At this time I would like to apologize to the senior Senator from Nebraska if he can prove that it was not he that provided the 60th vote.   Specter even admits it on his Senate web page.  Ben...we are so sorry...we'll be even sorrier when you are mistakenly removed from office in 2012.  

Road tripping today I also heard the Attorney General Blumenthal of Connecticut story.  Being a 10-year active duty Marine Corps Vet during the Viet Nam era...voluntarily enlisted not drafted...volunteered for duty in Viet Nam but sent somewhere else...I have to say the AG has no honor...Marines don't pretend...because you will be caught.  

It's funny how you can forget something as simple as being a non-combat reservist with a trail of draft deferments prior to enlisting to save your ass from the draft.  And for not really being a Captain of the Harvard Swim Team...I won't even go there.  As we say in the Marine Corps...this guy is lower than whale dung...Liberal Connecticut deserves him.  I'm being polite.

Oh...wrong picture...that's Phil Spector. 

Monday, May 17, 2010


The true color of our Cheerleader-in-Chief re-surfaced today during his call-in show.  With all the goings-on in Arizona...Dave says leave it up to the folks in's not my hometown anymore...until the next election that is.  What exactly is your stand on illegal immigration Governor?  Is Arizona wrong?  Maybe we should get Miss Oklahoma up here to run for office.  

Two Entertaining AGW Nutcases...

Tiny Tim was a of his...ah...time.  Alice Cooper on steroids.

Al Gore is just an idiot...all he is lacking is the falsetto.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Where's The Money???...

April tax/fee collections for the State of Nebraska were released by the Nebraska Department of Revenue today...the good news...sales tax revenue was a smidge above what the Forecasting Board predicted for April...the really bad news...income tax receipts for the month were almost 52 million below their projection.  This is the charts...and our Cheerleader-in-Chief Governor Dave Heineman is disappointed.  

My question is how can the State Forecasting Board be so far off when predicting income tax revenue?  Did a large number of individual Nebraskans and corporations decide to take a tax holiday?  Is there a big bag of envelopes sitting in a dark corner in some Lincoln post office...or did last weeks Wall Street guy that entered the Proctor and Gamble stock sale do the spreadsheet numbers for Nebraska?

I can only think that May's numbers will be better...but I have my doubts.  Funny too that an Iowa television station scooped all of Nebraska's media in reporting this.  

The Running Man Revisited...

The recent rash of taserings has added another dimension to sporting events.  I am thinking this could be the next version...albeit somewhat tamer...of the running of the bulls held in Pamplona each year.  Baseball and golf are boring venues.  It's time to spice things up...spontaneous taser runnings during the 7th inning stretch...anytime during a golf tournament...and during half-time events at football games.  4 or 5 runners out on the field or course at one time trying to dodge the taser would only make it that much more exciting.  Throw 3 or 4 "taserers" into a marathon run and I bet the Boston Marathon would see faster times.  Can you imagine the grimacing that slow motion would capture?  Let's liven up boring sports. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Fair Is Coming...The Fair Is Coming!!!...

Another post before I hit the rack..buried inside this morning's daily news...which arrived after 7am I might add...was a story about how our Mayor and members of the City Council were going to hold a study session to finally declare war on GI's "smell problem."  I also caught the 10pm NTV story re: the same.  While it wasn't mentioned in the pulp and ink copy...NTV's reporter showed video of the Mayor and Council's plan to impose fines on our local and habitual smell miscreants...pretty much naming J.B. Swift on the east side of town...McCain's on the north...and a long standing feedlot on the west side of town.  Something to the tune of 1500 smackeroos depending on the results gleaned from the City's "Nasal Ranger SWAT Team."

Now I'm not even close to being one of the brightest lights in the barn...but...don't we already have State and Federal agencies responsible for keeping tabs on offenses to our atmosphere?  The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality...the Environmental Protection Agency???  Seems back in 2000 folks in GI complained to the NDEQ about the gagging atmosphere surrounding the Monfort/JBS facility and City Wasterwater Plant...and the complaints went nowhere.  I think a few complaints may have been shuttled to the deaf ear of the EPA.  Our previous running for Mayor again...could only offer lip service and an official telephone number to an answering machine that citizens could call to "air" their complaints of offensive odors within our little burg.  Little has been accomplished in the past 10 years and finally JBS is going to spend millions to upgrade their equipment to tone down the burning blood smell emanating from their plant frequently.  Why?  Because the State Fair is coming to town and they don't want to "stink."  

Regarding McCain's...yes their processing puts out an offensive odor and the feedlot on the west side of town can be rank at times too...although the feedlot has been in place a lot longer than the new housing building around it.  I would say the feedlot was there before a third of the present city has been in place.  

I will cut this off...but the one burning question I have is...If the Nasal Ranger SWAT Team tags any of these or other industries with a "Stink Violation" and imposes a fine...nice revenue generator eh?...what keeps them from telling the City to "Go to Hell?"  There are no NDEQ or EPA violations.  "Take me to court baby" would have to be my response.

Ted Lets It Out...

Hunting Down A Terrorist Dog Is Easy...Just About Anyone Else Too...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Omaha Is As Bad As Grand Island....

Another blow to Isla de Grande's persona...Shootings per capita in Omaha are as bad as Grand Island's. 

Nebraska Watchdog points this factoid out and State Senator Brad Ashford has planned  "Shooting Summits" for both cities in the near future.  If anything...this should be a warning to the carny operators during GI's opening State Fair run...a shooting gallery will be a revenue loser.

Senator Ashford thinks we should have Federales with automatic weapons on our street corners.   

Green...Green...It's Green They Say On The Far Side of the Hill...

Here I go again...another "green" the oil leak in the Gulf...Downtown GI's leaders are whining about Buffalo Grass.  This is a front page story.

As part of the Second Street revitalization our leaders went to the experts to find the right grass that was heat tolerant...conserved water and didn't require a lot of mowing.  Now after last years planting "it isn't green enough...soon enough...and heaven forbid it has weeds."   Whaa...Whaa...Whaa...  The grass is still dormant and the Chamber of Commerce isn't happy.  It's "BUFFALO GRASS" not Coursemaster Blue.  It's obvious these people don't know Jack about putting in a lawn.  They take time to establish and you don't kill dandelions in a day.  Last check there were over 200 inmates in the Hall County Jail...they can use their dinner spoon to dig weeds and if the grass ain't green enough give them a can of foliage paint.

I live in a town facing a 5 million dollar budget shortfall that continues to grow and these clowns are crying about how flippin' green the grass isn't.  So much for the Conservationist of the Year Award for GI's Business Improvement District.  And to think we have a Water Festival here every year.

Disclaimer:  I am not...nor do I associate with Tree Huggers...but I do believe in common sense.