Friday, July 16, 2010

We Can't Do It...

The United States obviously is not able to afford legal immigration let alone the illegal influx.  It is time for "change."  I don't think the "change" we will be getting from our President and legislators will be in the right direction.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This Ain't Pleasantville Dorothy...

A story in this mornings GI Independent pretty much labeled GI's citizenry as a bunch of pigs.  According to Betty Curtis and Jack Sheard of the Clean Community System...who are in need of hundreds of volunteers to step forward and put a fresh face on our community...cause frankly GI looks like crap and it's long overdue. 

Why?  Because the State Fair is coming and we don't want to look bad.  According to Ms. Curtis...GI's property owners don't know trash when they see it because they have been buried in it for so long.  Ah...bliss is living in squalor and not realizing it.  So...we need volunteers to clean up other peoples trash...hundreds of volunteers.  

Hey Betty...maybe you can also provide some fresh paint for the ghetto housing along South Locust...and for the ratty looking taco stands working out of peoples front lawns.   Funny she didn't mention that the probabilities of being shot...stabbed or bludgeoned in GI is comparative to Omaha's.  Maybe she and Mr. Sheard can clean that up too...afterall we need to make that lasting impression.  

Why not hire a Hollywood scene crew to come in and build a facade up and down South Locust?  Sorry...I am spending too much time keeping my own yard clean than to worry about other peoples yards or business property.  I consider their comments to be an insult.  GI doesn't look any different than Lincoln or Omaha.