Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sell Your Nebraska Absentee Ballots...

Nebraska has been the bastion of conservative thinking for as long as anyone can remember...a state in precision lock-step with the Republican Party.  It's time for change though...and here is your opportunity to help make that change...while making a little change yourself.  

Here at the OOITT Ballot Exchange we realize that today's economy is tight and jobs are hard to find...have you priced a loaf of bread lately?  Foreclosures exist on every block and who knows what the 2011 tax schedules will look like. 

So...we at OOITT are branching out into a new endeavor that hopefully benefits "you the people"...while at the same time helps bring political change to the Big Red State and boosts our economy. 

Here's the pitch..Just like internet sites that offer up Husker football tickets in exchange for cash...we at OOITT Ballot Exchange recognize that the demand for votes by candidates in our bi-annual federal...state and local elections is just as high.  

It's 3rd and 9 from the one-yard line and the Blackshirts are showing blitz...that's what Nebraska Dems are facing in 2010.  The Dems want a 1st and let us work as your agent to sell your absentee ballot to the highest bidder.  There is a small 5 percent transaction fee to cover mailing and unexpected legal fees when your ballots are sold...and of course we will maintain your anonymity...and ours...throughout the whole process.  

All you have to do is visit one of our soon-to-open back alley kiosks...tell us how many ballots you have available...your city and your voting ward.  We'll do the rest.  In other elections throughout the U.S. exchanging your ballot lands you a free meal or gift certificate.  

Imagine what you could gain in a tight race?  And hey...who want's to risk facing the New Black Panthers outside your polling place?  Our promise is that we will do our utmost to get you the most bang for your ballot.  Hey...if the kids are old enough...register them too.  That LED big screen may arrive sooner than you think.

So don't us here at the OOITT Ballot Exchange and let us do it to you...for you.  Our back alley kiosks will be opening for Grand Opening announcements.

This ad was paid for by the guy with the most money. 


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