Monday, December 28, 2009

"The Dance Band On The Titanic"...Here's The Bandleader...

E. Benjamin Nelson (the E. stands for "Earmark") in his infinite wisdom and concern contributed the following quote this week...

“I’d just as soon see that set aside until we work through the economy,” said Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.). “What we don’t want to do is have anything get in the way of working to resolve the problems with the economy.”

Now he's worried about the economy...after selling out the majority of his constituents and the nation to ObamaCare?  Nope...entirely different subject that will only add another nail in the coffin of our Republic's fiscal collapse.

Don't worry Ben...despite how pathetic the NEGOP field of contenders will won't have to worry much longer...Nebraskans plan to turn you out to pasture in 2012.  "Anything Is Better Than Ben." will be the NEGOP mantra.

Still waiting for Governor Dave Heineman's formal letter demanding E. Ben return the Medicaid Judas Money to Harry Reid.  It ain't gonna happen folks...turns out Heineman is one of the  "vocalists" in the Titanic Band.  

Sunday, December 27, 2009

All Quiet In The Grand Forks Sector...

Seems a bit busy in the other sectors though.  With ObamaCare behind us...and Cap and Trade legislation being discouraged by "moderate" Dems...seems the next logical item on the "jam it down their throat" list will be amnesty.  BOHICA Chica.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Copenhagen Hits....


Those folks in Minnesota have a lot of time on their hands this time of year. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keeping The Copenhagen Summit Theme Alive...


This recently revised monthly outlook for December makes one wonder how much faith we can put into the really long range "stuff."  The revision must be with the "hockey stick" removed.  

Christmas Morning update...As the "blizz" continues to howl on the other side of my window 2 feet away...average December temperatures in south central Nebraska are 7 to 10 degrees below normal...looks like the revised forecast is on the money...except maybe the "B" in Texas should be over Nebraska.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Got the Washboard Blues...

 U.S. unemployment "improves" to 10 percent...good news.  The other side of the coin says new U.S. job growth will still take a hit according to one former Secretary of Labor.  We are headed toward being a Third World nation at breakneck speed.  Hold on road maintainance in sight for this washboard road.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Al Gore Backs Away...Or Is He Saving His Carbon Credits For Christmas??

AGW Alarmist Al Gore has canceled part of his Copenhagen itinerary for no apparent reason.  What puzzles me is that there were 3000 Danes lined up and willing to spend the money to see him.  And I thought Danes were known for their intellect.

From the Washington Post:
“Have you ever shaken hands with an American vice president? If not, now is your chance. Meet Al Gore in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference,” notes the Danish tourism commission, which is helping Mr. Gore promote “Our Choice,” his newest book about global warming in all its alarming modalities.
“Tickets are available in different price ranges for the event. If you want it all, you can purchase a VIP ticket, where you get a chance to shake hands with Al Gore, get a copy of Our Choice and have your picture taken with him. The VIP event costs DKK 5,999 and includes drinks and a light snack.”
Wait, what? How much is that in American dollars? The currency conversion says it all, too: 5,999 Danish kroners is equivalent to $1,209.
“If you do not want to spend that much money, but still want to hear Al Gore speak about his latest book about climate challenges, you can purchase general tickets, ranging in price from DKK 199-1,499 depending on where in the room you want to sit,” the practical Danes advise. “There will be large screens, so that everyone will get a good view.”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

War Surtax

A "surtax on war" is being considered by Obama and his pals...and Capitol Hill is abuzz...some for...most against this latest tax scheme.  If everything comes together...Americans making less than $150,000 a year would pay a 1 percent surtax...those between $150,000.01 and $250,000 would pay a higher "yet undetermined" percentage...and those pulling in $250,000.01 or more in a year would be fair game to have their butts taxed to the max...after-all they can afford it.  

There would be exemptions of course...those who have served in a combat zone since 2001 would not be taxed...which in my mind is the least our government can do for our veterans.  But then again...why not all veterans that have served this matter how long ago?  If they are living and have served honorably...they are no different...they stepped forward to defend our Country and Constitution just like those they served beside.

I say take it one step further...reinstate the draft with no deferments (other than health) and give everyone the chance to serve this nation with honor.  I think "Mr. Obama" is headed to Oslo next week to pick up a Nobel Peace Prize based on his "potential".  I believe that anyone that has served honorably in the Army...Air Force...Navy...Marines or Coast Guard also deserves a "surtax deferment" based on their "potential."  Everyone in our military is a potential Medal of Honor recipient.

Anything less and I will drive my grandchildren to Canada myself.   Oh...and Senator Lieberman's stock just fell 40 percent in my eyes. 

...Update...And just when you thought you heard it all...Obama's favorite stepchild Ben Nelson thinks we should bring back Ward Bond...err...war bonds...saying it would be a better idea for Americans to invest in the war rather than be taxed.  Ben...would war bonds yield more than current CD rates?  Ben...half of freaking America doesn't even know we are at war...let alone are able to grasp the concept of war bonds.  Then Ben says Joe Lieberman thinks war bonds are a great idea too.  Once again Ben can't get it straight...Lieberman suggested a war surtax.  

Hey's another novel idea...let the folks go out...find the best health insurance that suits their individual needs...then let them pay for it...without government bureaucracy and red tape inflating the cost.      

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey Ben...

Senator Nelson...We want the healthcare bill "ENDED"...not "AMENDED."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

American Thinker kicks out a "Graph of The Day" on their website that presents interesting and usually factual data.   Today's GoTD sync's up with last night's execution of the D.C. Sniper.  There is always the argument that capital punishment does not deter crime.  The graph the Thinker put up today refutes that mainly liberal premise considerably. 

Thank You...

Happy 234th Devildogs!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maybe I'm Crazy...Maybe I'm Nuts...Probably Both...

Last nights election results have been spun in more directions than a chicken feather in the 1980 Grand Island Tornadoes.  The Dems won in NY "which was the real election"..."It wasn't about Obama"...the Republicans won in VA and NJ "and that sends out a message"....and on and on and on. 

My take on the whole affair is that the people in VA and NJ won when they turned out in the millions to pick someone that will hopefully be a better representative for them...and that NY-23 was a two-bit race that the NRC slept through. 

Did anyone look at the candidates in NY-23 or did they just "rubberstamp" an endorsement because Scuzzyfaza had an "R" behind her name?  Even the "Eye of Newt" let her slip under his radar...and now makes up stories to cover his obvious embarrassment.  Maybe we should have more Independents on tickets in 2010 to serve as a wakeup call for Republicans. 

The Republicans were not paying attention...and gave NY-23 away.  They did not achieve a "2010 Toe-hold."  "Fool me once...shame on you...fool me twice...shame on me."...should be their platform motto in 2010.  Do political parties even have platforms anymore?  Or is it just make up stuff that that days particular group wants to hear? 

Another observation...Obama...his administration and most of the Democrats in Congress...and some Republicans too...are living in denial.  They are like little children that are hearing what they don't want to hear and then lie or make loud noises to make it go away.  Neither party is worth the powder and shot to blow them to Hell.  They have lost touch with the American mainstream and really don't care...they are only looking out for their own egos and money to fill their political/private coffers.     

Monday, November 2, 2009

Blue Berry Fields Forever...

ABC News ran a segment on NightLine over the weekend that exposed evil blue berry farmers exploiting "immigrant" children under the age of 12 in Michigan and other states.  They provided the video of a group tracking child labor violations with sorrowful stories of how the children were being victimized.

I guess you can call me heartless...but I was left with one unanswered question...Where are the parents of these children?  Has personal responsibility died in America?  OK...I asked two questions.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheesy Political Cowardice...

Backdoor politics as usual...our good Senator "Earmark" Ben Nelson is not only blind but stupid too.  I read in this mornings paper that HE is interested in the idea of giving states the choice to opt into "public option" Obamacare. Not only blind and stupid but a coward too...putting this monkey/albatross...POS legislation on the back of state government to decide.   This is starting to sound like a pyramid scheme.

This is government run health care Senator is terrible legislation across the board! Look at how you have managed Medicare and Medicaid. It is wrought with corruption and mismanagement Senator Nelson. Look at how state run health care is a failure in Massachusetts and around the rest of the freaking world. 

Get in the game Senator Nelson...a NO vote is the only way you will ever be considered for re-election in my world and the world of my family and friends.  I will work hard to guarantee that.

You are a coward and a disgrace to the Nebraskans you represent if you vote in favor of this piece of crap legislation that will bankrupt this nation only deeper while sending health care back into the dark ages.

It's time for Ben Nelson to go.

Ok...I have had my "Drinking with Bob" moment...I feel better now.  No...not really...America is dying and our liberal friends are calling the mortician instead of 911.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fried Chihuahua Anyone?

Just when Congress was starting to work on a $3500.00 tax credit for pet care turns out keeping Fido puts a bite on the ol' carbon footprint.   I will choose a Landcruiser over a German Shepard any day.  My neighbor has a house full of Chihuahua's.  Will he get a tax break if he dumps them for a Volvo XC?  Pets you can eat...explain that one to the kids.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cash For Can Openers????

Not exactly...but it can't be too far behind.  I wonder if a 52-inch LCD qualifies as an energy saving appliance?  I would mount it on the wall in my kitchen and use it as a bun warming device.  Any guesses how soon the $300 million will run out?  I am also left wondering if I can lay away my appliances now on the pre-condition I qualify for this give-away?  This guarantees the appliances I want plus I beat the rush.  Who needs Christmas...we have Obama...every day's a Holiday...and every meal is a feast! 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Honeymoon Is Over

Americans have given President Obama the benefit of the doubt for the past 10 appears...according to the latest Harris polling...that the chickens are coming home to roost.  The folks over on the Hill fare much worse..."lower than whale dung" as we used to say in the Marine Corps...well something like that.  When will the light come on for these folks?    

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know.

Sometimes it takes folks a little more time to realize the obvious.   

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Taxes or Budget Cuts Coming???

     The Grand Island Independent Saturday Poll regarding whether to increase taxes or cut spending to make up the shortfall in the state budget left me scratching my head...or it might just be a case of early winter dry scalp (around 2 inches of white stuff on the deck this morning).  With Governor Heineman opening the Stimulus floodgates and all the wondrous things it will do at "no cost" to Nebraskans...why not use a portion of the $331,945,863 sitting in the state's reserve to make up the state budget shortfall?  $100 million off the top would ease the pain.   

     Spending down the reserve is not my first I am a firm believer in cutting budget extravagances.  Like most...I find it hard to accept "spend and tax" when most Nebraskans have to cut back at home in order to pay more taxes and "fees"  to our government(s) every time we turn around.  State projections show that the State of Nebraska will maintain about 300 million in the reserve through 2013 after this year...of course these projections are moot if the economy continues to tank.  The reserve fund was created in 1983 specifically for balancing budget shortfalls...the money is there...use it.  No "what if's" projects...or speculation of how much Kansas is going to sue us for because their ours...went through a 7-year drought (they will have to settle for an easy payment plan).   Use the money and use it for the purpose it was intended...then we can be broke just like the rest of the nation. 

     In regard to the Governor's endorsement (re-election coming) to provide Nebraska teachers with a sizable pay raise using Stimulus funds...I say present it as two year "award"...then revert back to the "pre-Stimulus" pay scale rather than increase taxes to make up the difference after the Stimulus money pit runs dry after the second year.  The way I view it...something is better than nothing...and the teachers...if they are socially just (a term Catholic priests use to make the rest of us Catholics feel guilty) will see it that way too.  When times are tough we all have to "bite the bullet."  Many in Nebraska are not receiving a sizable pay raise and their pay is just as lousy in many cases.  In addition...many Nebraskans (over 16,000) have lost jobs...DeWitt and Cozad for example...with more likely on the near horizon.

     There are still experts projecting that our economic roller coaster ride is going to stretch out for another ten years...and we know that the recent stimulus boost is going to lead to increased taxation on the fed side that we and our grandchildren's grandchildren will be paying back for the rest of their lives.   Nebraska's population is too small to provide "everything for everybody" and we need to pay particularly close attention when spending our tax dollars.  Frugality is in order and our city..county...state and federal leaders need to get in the game...quickly.

     Oh...159 out of 175 respondents were in favor of cuts by noon Saturday

Friday, October 9, 2009

Return To Sender

I've received a few awards in my life...most humbled me...a couple I might have deserved.  I even received an award once for giving an award to someone else...that embarrassed me.  But Drudge headlined it best this morning..."For What?"...when reporting President Obama's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize.  As it turns out he was nominated after being sworn in as CIC 11 days earlier and the nomination was based on his peacemaking "potential/aspirations."

There were even some "ooh's" of surprise/shock when the "Dyno-mite" Nobel Prize crew announced the winner this morning.   I'm can call me a "racist" (because I know you will)...but he should return/not accept the award.  It has to be an embarrassment for him (maybe his narcissistic personalty disorder overrides his basic common sense) and it is definitely an embarrassment to the global community.  Makes me wonder who his competition was.  As one blogger commented in a post this morning..."At least Hitler brought the Olympics to Germany."  Maybe even Hitler had some "potential" before he went south. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preparing for H1N1 in Cuba...

To maintain a degree of humility I often go to this site to read about day-to-day life in Cuba.  It will open your eyes.  In the early 70's I got to "see the world" and what I saw was eye-opening then and today it hasn't changed that much for some nations...some have even slipped backward.  

I heard once that scientists believed there could be about 20 planets with "intelligent life."  I am beginning to think Earth wasn't one of them.   


What goest up...must goest down in the world of well as the American auto industry.  So much for C for C.  (Tip of the hat to American Thinker - Graph of the Day).

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do These Guys Talk To One and Other????

More dazed and confused.  I think I would believe State Farm first.   NG&P lives in a fantasy world. 

Dazed and Confused

Just when you read one comes another.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Darn Scary

Here is something you rarely read about in the news...darn scary.  I wonder if Professor Harbison has any photos or if he could provide viewing information? (sorry Professor...the devil made me do it).  I also wonder how the lesser tits survive?????

Oink Alert...

Great...I just received my seasonal flu shot and the folks in Canada are saying it increases your chances for H1N1.  While I don't have much faith in the Canadian health care ears perked up at the news report. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Answer

Came across this comedian...or should I say realist...that has been to the mountain and seen the light...or met Mohammad....whatever it is. It won't be much longer and we will have it all...cradle to grave. It's best viewed in HD and full screen.

Local Economy Takes A Hit

It was reported yesterday that the Tenneco Plant is Cozad ...better known as Monroe Manufacturing...will be closing it's doors by the end of the year. The report stated that the closing will save Tenneco $8M in operating costs. Three other plants will pick up the in Mexico. Wonder how much they would have saved by closing the plant in Mexico?

This will result in the loss of 500 jobs in the Cozad area and a major hit to the Dawson County economy. The Monroe Plant in Cozad has manufactured shock absorber and ride-control parts used on anything from the average American car all the way up to the Space Shuttle. This industry will be missed and our hearts go out to those being let go. The local Economic Devilment Herd says this is both "a sad and happy" event...please explain the "happy" part in a little more detail please.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chu On This...

Not only does the Obama Administration think we should be neutered...we also lack the maturity to think for ourselves....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Superman's Digs Discovered.

Superman has been dishonest about revealing his hideout for all these years.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama...Architect of Bi-Partisanship.

One of Obama's "Czars" building relationships with the "other side." Update...No more Van Jones to kick around anymore...Czars come and Czars go. Time to get rid of Science Czar John "The Sterilizer" Holdren.

Pelini For President?

This story in the Wall Street Journal puts a whole new meaning to "Go Big Red."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cap & Lose

The Heritage Foundation has put out a report discussing the effects of Cap & Tax on Nebraskans in regard to jobs...utility costs and income. Read for yourself. I hope everyone lets our Senators and Congressmen know how C&T is not in our best interest.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does This Include Healthcare and Free Travel?

I seriously doubt...very seriously...that this is the complete list. Did I say I was doubtful? Unprecedented is an understatement.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jack-Booted Thugs

I heard ACORN changed their name...I would have bet that it was to SEIU til I looked it up...COI...Community Organizations International or something like that. I also see that Brinks...the home security people changed their name to Broadview. I find their commercials hilarious...their no-neck thugs only break your door scream... incorrectly run upstairs and answer your phone. You'd be better off spending your security dollars on a door repairman.

COI/Broadview...they're both the same...they resort to no-neck thuggery to deliver their message. Except COI ain't so "coy." Too bad our friends in Congress haven't the cojones to investigate them. I wonder when Hanoi Jane Squared (Kleeb) will call in her goon-squad?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Times Running Out...Come On Down!

The suspension of the "Cash for Clunkers" Program would make one think our beloved tax and spend and tax some more President and Democrat controlled Congress is in over their heads when they can't manage a simple billion dollar giveaway. And what did they expect...a mere billion dollars doesn't stretch very far down at Obama Motors. Based on the rate they are going out the will be less than a month before round two of this freebie runs out of money.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacancy...Free Medical & Cable TV.

Seems the Feds are in the process of building their own "guest" digs in North Platte according to the North Platte Bulletin. While a bit down the road...the new hostel may put a bite on Grand Island's intent to fund their new jail by housing federally detained foreign nationals.

According to local sources...the troubled GI Jail is already experiencing an "un-anticipated" decline in membership support from the federal folks. Maybe GI/Hall County can sub-let during the State Fair...or better yet...or better yet for GI's constabulary to drum up some business for the new jail...if they can find their own operating capital.

Loup City Finds Use For Stimulus Money

Reading the story in the Grand Island Independent this morning got me to thinking. I am not electrical engineer...or even an electrician....but if my grade school math serves me correctly the 1.8 kilowatts of power that will be generated by the "Loup City School Turbine" is only enough power to light up 18 - 100 watt light bulbs at a time...which totals up to be about enough lights to light one average classroom....if the wind is blowing. Of course if they use incandescents...they would see some slight benefit from the extra heat they would generate during those cold Loup City winters. I will leave the btu benefits to the heating experts.

Now maybe their focus is just directed toward the learning benefits...but between you and me...using $8,800 in stimulus money (hint: stimulus money = what the students will be paying back in taxes for the rest of their lives after they graduate and land a real job.) and $1500 in taxpayer funded "school dollars" an insult to the U.S. taxpayer...especially when you factor in all the other schools across the nation that will also have to "have one." Now we're talking real money kids. They would be better several providing each of the students in that one single classroom a stationary bicycle with a power generator attached.

Maybe the students will also learn that the fledgling wind industry in it's current state is a terribly poor investment that is already heavily subsidized by taxpayers that will eventually be subsidized even more by "rate" payers. Or maybe they will learn that they have to shut off their lights so they can use one or two laptops in their same one classroom (how many lumen does a laptop put out?) Or how quickly it will require costly maintenance or how in an instant a lightning bolt can put them completely out of business...or how they will be left in the dark when the wind hasn't blown for two or three days. Yes...I predict it will be a total and costly learning experience. Then again you always hear that experience is the best teacher.

Here's a heads-up for LCPS administrators...if the students line up to use the classroom microwave to heat their lunchtime Hot Pockets in the dark...when the wind is blowing...the school district better plan on extending the lunch hour. If the wind isn't blowing...they will have to fall back on the evil coal industry for lunch. Yep...I love it when our tax dollars...the tax dollars of our children...their children...and the children of their children go to work for us.

Hmm...I wonder if the kids have done their homework on nuclear energy? I'm almost sure their teachers haven't covered nuclear energy in the same positive nature they didn't present the negatives of wind generation in...when the wind was blowing.