Friday, October 9, 2009

Return To Sender

I've received a few awards in my life...most humbled me...a couple I might have deserved.  I even received an award once for giving an award to someone else...that embarrassed me.  But Drudge headlined it best this morning..."For What?"...when reporting President Obama's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize.  As it turns out he was nominated after being sworn in as CIC 11 days earlier and the nomination was based on his peacemaking "potential/aspirations."

There were even some "ooh's" of surprise/shock when the "Dyno-mite" Nobel Prize crew announced the winner this morning.   I'm can call me a "racist" (because I know you will)...but he should return/not accept the award.  It has to be an embarrassment for him (maybe his narcissistic personalty disorder overrides his basic common sense) and it is definitely an embarrassment to the global community.  Makes me wonder who his competition was.  As one blogger commented in a post this morning..."At least Hitler brought the Olympics to Germany."  Maybe even Hitler had some "potential" before he went south. 

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