Monday, October 19, 2009

Cash For Can Openers????

Not exactly...but it can't be too far behind.  I wonder if a 52-inch LCD qualifies as an energy saving appliance?  I would mount it on the wall in my kitchen and use it as a bun warming device.  Any guesses how soon the $300 million will run out?  I am also left wondering if I can lay away my appliances now on the pre-condition I qualify for this give-away?  This guarantees the appliances I want plus I beat the rush.  Who needs Christmas...we have Obama...every day's a Holiday...and every meal is a feast! 


Uncle Wiggily said...

I'm holding out for "Treasure for Table Saws" or "Silver for Sanders" ... or even "Loot for Lathes". Several of my shop tools are getting along in years and should be retired.

Maybe I'll get something out of Obama yet.

One Out... said...

I too am holding out...Maybe "Peso's for Planers" will come next month.

My wife's uncle...a supposed "ultra-conservative" jumped on the Cash for a few other members of his family shamed him so badly he went and paid the 4500.00 to get us off his back.

Fortunately his well-kept Explorer hadn't been destroyed as the dealer was waiting for Obama to cover his end. Turns out his son wound up with the Explorer...and my wife's uncle as earned some of our respect back. He still calls me and it's been months ago.

Like one of my co-workers says..."We are doomed."

My best to you...remain upright.