Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fried Chihuahua Anyone?

Just when Congress was starting to work on a $3500.00 tax credit for pet care turns out keeping Fido puts a bite on the ol' carbon footprint.   I will choose a Landcruiser over a German Shepard any day.  My neighbor has a house full of Chihuahua's.  Will he get a tax break if he dumps them for a Volvo XC?  Pets you can eat...explain that one to the kids.


The Pip said...

Good story, One Out. I could see a story like this coming out of that dirty, nasty, liberal, Democratic Party, but the Repubs? They haven't done a thing yet this year to help Americans, but wanna give my dog a break.

I hunt with an English Cocker Spaniel, One Out. It has all English bloodlines in it, but was born in Minnesota. Do you think the birthers will contest his tax break until we can prove an origin of birth? I don't want to go to prison for kenneling an illegal immigrant.

I never could put my finger on the proof, so to say, but a friend of mine walks his son's dog every day. I told him the most excercise I'd ever seen out of him was running to the bar at last call.

His son was called up to active duty in Iraq. His dad told me if you knew how much Uncle Sam was paying for pet care, I'd be walking a dog, too. Once again, no proof, just his story.

One Out In The Third said...


Thank you...I hold equal contempt for both parties. You are correct...the Repubs have sat on their viable solutions. It's "he said...she said"...a bunch of finger pointing and keep those dollars coming in folks.

It's a shame that the down-to-earth dynamic leaders...and they are out there...are too smart for their own good. They understand the filthy side of politics and are intelligent enough to stay away.

The wife and I have a mutt...better than any burglar alarm...he likes me and he will retrieve until his legs fall off.

He may be costly...but I was taught early in life if I can't maintain or care for something then I shouldn't probably own it. I find a tax deduction for pets ludicrous. I also find Cap and Trade ludicrous. America and the world has lost it's sensibility.

Take care...Go Huskies.