Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheesy Political Cowardice...

Backdoor politics as usual...our good Senator "Earmark" Ben Nelson is not only blind but stupid too.  I read in this mornings paper that HE is interested in the idea of giving states the choice to opt into "public option" Obamacare. Not only blind and stupid but a coward too...putting this monkey/albatross...POS legislation on the back of state government to decide.   This is starting to sound like a pyramid scheme.

This is government run health care Senator is terrible legislation across the board! Look at how you have managed Medicare and Medicaid. It is wrought with corruption and mismanagement Senator Nelson. Look at how state run health care is a failure in Massachusetts and around the rest of the freaking world. 

Get in the game Senator Nelson...a NO vote is the only way you will ever be considered for re-election in my world and the world of my family and friends.  I will work hard to guarantee that.

You are a coward and a disgrace to the Nebraskans you represent if you vote in favor of this piece of crap legislation that will bankrupt this nation only deeper while sending health care back into the dark ages.

It's time for Ben Nelson to go.

Ok...I have had my "Drinking with Bob" moment...I feel better now.  No...not really...America is dying and our liberal friends are calling the mortician instead of 911.

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