Wednesday, December 2, 2009

War Surtax

A "surtax on war" is being considered by Obama and his pals...and Capitol Hill is abuzz...some for...most against this latest tax scheme.  If everything comes together...Americans making less than $150,000 a year would pay a 1 percent surtax...those between $150,000.01 and $250,000 would pay a higher "yet undetermined" percentage...and those pulling in $250,000.01 or more in a year would be fair game to have their butts taxed to the max...after-all they can afford it.  

There would be exemptions of course...those who have served in a combat zone since 2001 would not be taxed...which in my mind is the least our government can do for our veterans.  But then again...why not all veterans that have served this matter how long ago?  If they are living and have served honorably...they are no different...they stepped forward to defend our Country and Constitution just like those they served beside.

I say take it one step further...reinstate the draft with no deferments (other than health) and give everyone the chance to serve this nation with honor.  I think "Mr. Obama" is headed to Oslo next week to pick up a Nobel Peace Prize based on his "potential".  I believe that anyone that has served honorably in the Army...Air Force...Navy...Marines or Coast Guard also deserves a "surtax deferment" based on their "potential."  Everyone in our military is a potential Medal of Honor recipient.

Anything less and I will drive my grandchildren to Canada myself.   Oh...and Senator Lieberman's stock just fell 40 percent in my eyes. 

...Update...And just when you thought you heard it all...Obama's favorite stepchild Ben Nelson thinks we should bring back Ward Bond...err...war bonds...saying it would be a better idea for Americans to invest in the war rather than be taxed.  Ben...would war bonds yield more than current CD rates?  Ben...half of freaking America doesn't even know we are at war...let alone are able to grasp the concept of war bonds.  Then Ben says Joe Lieberman thinks war bonds are a great idea too.  Once again Ben can't get it straight...Lieberman suggested a war surtax.  

Hey's another novel idea...let the folks go out...find the best health insurance that suits their individual needs...then let them pay for it...without government bureaucracy and red tape inflating the cost.      


Uncle Wiggily said...

There you go again, OOITT - expecting politicians to be rational. I'm guessing Earl Benjamin doesn't have a clue even how to spell "war bond", much less implement such an idea. BTW, it doesn't much matter how it is spelled, it is still pronounced "legal plunder" - and is nothing more nor less than that. Bastages ....

With regard to your notion about re-instating the draft - it's seldom that I disagree with you but ... I didn't like it when Lincoln did it in 1863, nor have I been a fan of it through all the wars, etc., since then. About the only good thing you will ever hear me say about Richard Milhaus Nixon was he ended the draft in '73 ... only to have that brown puckered a$$hole Carter reinstate it later (at least the registration part of it).

Volunteer armed forces will always be more effective, productive, cost effective and equitable than conscripted ones - in my opinion.


One Out In The Third said...

To be honest Unc...I am not a big fan of the military draft either. I believe it is a man or woman's compulsion to serve their country that should draw them to service. I guess I was trying to stir the citizenry to get their attention.

I served both during and after the draft and from what I have observed personally...of recent especially...I believe that our military and our nation is well ahead in the game due to the absence of the draft...not that all draftees were bad. It's the politicians that have gone to hell in a hand basket for the past 50 years.

Thanks for your reply.