Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get A Room...

Despite the precursory crap preceding the arrival of the next "Polar Express"...Boreas is a bastard...the morning was off to a pretty good start...until I unfolded this mornings local rag.  Front page...upper left...our local jailer and County Board are entertaining the thought of expanding our recently opened 22-million dollar jail.  

I guess the feds have been courting Hall and Douglas counties to "improve" their facilities to include "residential-style" housing for dependents of know...those folks that steal into our nation when we aren't looking...those folks reducing the quality of life for legal least those willing to work for a living. 

A concern that ICE has "noncriminals" and families and children to house" too?  What?...odds are that their dependents are illegal as well.  Lock them up with the general population in Hall County's overbuilt jail...Lord knows HCJ has enough unused never has a "population" that comes to meeting half it's capacity.   

In the immortal words of Drinking with Bob..."What's next?  What's next?  What's next?"  Conjugal Romper Rooms?...vacation time from jail?...a Jail theme time-out corner for naughty illegal tykes?  Maybe we can give them a car after Obama and his pals in Congress sneak an amnesty bill past us.  Criminals go to frills...if they need exercise there are plenty of streets throughout Grand Island that require a repositioning of its massive snow piles.  Just think of the savings to the snow removal budget. 

The capper to the story was how our civic leaders are "approaching this cautiously"...translated...they want "kickbacks" from ICE/Feds/Your tax dollars and front the construction costs.  Go figure.  What the's "free money" when it comes from government.  If it gets any better I think I will renounce my citizenship and become an illegal. 

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The Pip said...

If they can postpone it a couple of years, they could move them into the abandoned State Fair Bldgs. They'll already have pens set up with the proper restrooms and everything. We could call it Perlman's Penal Implant.

We love ya G.I.