Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorry Harley-Davidson...

I was thinking about buying a motorcycle this spring to satisfy one of my mid-life crisis yearnings.  Then I read this story and am thinking maybe I should put the Harley on hold.  While I would prefer a model that cooks...does the dishes and runs a vacuum...(it might be easier to sway the wife into releasing the 33192.96 shekels + S/H) and that there could be a personality disorder issue when the batteries run low...I may end up putting "Mature Martha" and the rest of the girls back on the wishlist.  

The girls might even have a shot at being streaming bloggers...just plug in the microphone and web cam and step back.  They are on top of the political the gotta find it (The Sun pulled it down)...Frigid Farah (I wonder if she is "anti-AGW?") lets on that "Bush and the Israeli's knew about 9/11 all along."  They would give Uncle Wiggily and Leavenworth Street something to talk about.  As hilarious as it's pathetic and leaves me scratching my head about the world we live in.  Nuts...I'm telling you...Nuts.  


The Pip said...

Foxxxy Roxxxy? The bike might be cheaper in the long run. I figure life is a circle. Didn't care about girls, started to care about girls, found a Playboy, got a girl, married one, 35 yrs later I bought a playboy, and the circle comes back around.

It didn't say if Roxxy comes with a Pez candy dispenser full of Viagra. I couldn't handle a hot bike or a hot babe.

Glory years, they all pass us by.

One Out In The Third said...


I will take your advice into serious consideration...I can see where you are coming from relating to the long-term costs.

There wasn't a list of accessories but I am sure the manufacturer would throw in the Pez request at no additional cost.

Enjoy the warm day.