Monday, April 26, 2010

Wind Power Coming To Nebraska...

Although the caption says "fatal"...the vulture did survive the fall initially.  Another video shows it with a badly broken wing and barely able to walk.  A fellow captured it and put it in a box but it did not say whether the bird survived or not.  Now...back to Nebraska...Picture an early spring morning with a shroud of low clouds and fog draped over the landscape...a mix of low flying geese...cranes and Whoopers bucking a northeast wind at about 200 feet.  Uh..oh...wind farm. 

Some say the environmental impact statements for wind farms have a tendency to conveniently ignore local migration patterns and endangered species.  I guess we will see how well Nebraska does as time goes by.  For the record...I am not a tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination...I do take issue with pink elephant technology though...which I believe wind power is.  This pig in a poke would not fly without subsidies and special tax considerations.  Tells me right there that we the people...while we might feel a warm fuzzy thinking we are lessening our dependence on foreign oil and the evil twins coal and nuclear energy...we still get left with immature technology and a healthy removal of the funds from our wallets and purses. 


The Pip said...

The sad thing is, find a form of energy that isn't heavily subsidized, or given excessive tax credits.

On a different subject, don't let the Nebraska Repugs find out about the new Arizona Immigration law. If Hall County SO, GIPD, and the NSP are given the right to stop anyone they suspect are illegals, you never will get to the 50,000 population.

I thought we were beyond that after the Japanese internment of WWII. I hope they keep after the Hispanics, cuz one day they might have something about white males of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish and German descent.

One Out In The Third said...

You are right about the subsidies and everything else. Everybody is a "leaner" anymore.

This will rub you raw...but I support what Arizona has done. The law will be heavily scrutinized and a crime or suspected crime has to be committed first before you have to "show your papers." Do you leave town without "your papers" when crossing ze border?

I also view the Arizona law to be as toothless as Nebraska's recent texting legislation...a useless feel good move by our legislators. Let them next vacation will be in Arizona.

I also support the Nebraska Supremes decision allowing the vote in Fremont. This has to be an embarrassment for our non-committal Governor since it's his home town. It's time somebody do something.

Something that leaves me perplexed is that how a few hundred years ago a bunch of immigrants who were being treated poorly decided to do something about it and make their country better. And we did.

Today...if your country is giving you the just jump the border legally or illegally and complicate our lives. Why are the "educated" of the world fleeing to the U.S. in droves not staying home and working to make their homeland better? Why don't the //you fill in the nationality// stand up and fight to make their homeland better for them and their countrymen? No cojones I guess.