Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do It For The Young People...

Our high speed sausage stuffing Unicameral continues to propose bills like Hell is on their heels.  One of the current bills oozing from their well-worn bill stuffer is LB861 ...a bill allowing local swill joints throughout the state one more hour of revelry before they flash the lights and announce last call.  A myriad of the Unicameral's finest are in favor of this bill...Senator Colby Coash...the same guy traumatized by the goings on in Whiteclay...part-time Sea Captain/Party Barge Operator and boat salesman Kenny Rogert...and former bar owner Brenda Council.  Some of their primary reasons include "doing it for the young people of Nebraska lacking things to do"...countering the competition from Iowa where bars are open until 2 am...and to keep the bar tabs and tax revenue in Nebraska. 

They honestly believe if they keep Nebraska bars open another hour there will be less drunks on the road racing to Iowa at 12:45 am...they are right...but in reality they are only forestalling the race by an hour and keeping it in Nebraska.  What great deductive reasoning our friends in the Unicameral possess.  What a love-fest.  Here's what central Nebraskans think.

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