Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That Gasping Sound is GI Dying...

Here we go...our city leadership is on a mission.  How to make up a 2 million dollar projected revenue deficit in the this year's city budget...and a projected deficit of 3 million dollars in next years budget.  This mornings headline in the Daily Disappointment attempts to solve part of the problem this fiscal year by furloughing...sending home without pay...every city employee for 2.5 days...if the unions agree to it.  This...according to the news report...will garner a savings of $150,000.00.  This doesn't even scratch the surface of the 2 million shortfall.   In her infinite wisdom the Mayor even suggests we cut back on concrete repairs (streets?) and sewer maintenance...areas that are already underfunded. 

What caught my eye in the story was that this years 2 million dollar shortfall is partly attributable to a 1 million dollar loss in city sales tax revenue because of the bad economy and unemployment (and it wasn't that long ago the Chamber of Commerce and Nebraska's economic gurus were touting Nebraska was almost bulletproof in the sagging economy.)  My question is...if we are a million short in sales tax revenue...what created the other million dollar shortfall?  Could it be overspending by our glorious Mayor...her predecessors and our wonderful city council?  I and many GI-ites would likely respond with a resounding YES!  I guess when you are in a legacy building mode it's "Damn the the tax increases...and full speed ahead."   

With around 5 million to make up over the next year-and-a-half...the only alternative is to raise property taxes in Grand Island and increase fees...bend over folks it's coming.  Budget cuts are out of the question in GI although I believe we would be better off by selling or giving away the Shooting Park...cutting back on the exorbitant parks budget...cutting travel and large ticket items.  It's time to cut frivolous spending practices like we have seen over the past several years and get back to the basics of maintaining the basic infrastructure and the protection of life and property.  We look like Omaha and that ain't good.        


Uncle Wiggily said...

But ... but ... I thought the State Fair was gonna saaaave you Islanders ...what happened to the Big Rock Candy Mountain theory?

Regarding the Shooting Park, I'll see that, and raise you an Arch without an Exit.

Sometimes I think these local muny gubmints must all have studied at the Obama Institute of Advanced Spendonomics.

It's "Drop 'em and spread 'em!" time again ... for all of us.

The Pip said...

Say it ain't so One Out. Left column of the Independunce said they loaned out 1.9 mil, and got $45 mil back.

Maybe they could move the Arch to the State Fair. South Locust could become its own little boom town, again.

Unk could enjoy it when he goes to the State Fair. Since outside tourist dollars roll over seven times, his funnel cake and Cola would really amount to $70.00.

I'm thinking about buying some land in western Hamilton Co just to develop an overflow parking area. I might even give Unk a Sr. discount. Of course I'd get it back on the shuttle(1959 200 bu International grain truck)fee.

Abe said...

Former Lincoln Mayor Colleen Seng used to talk about her "Bold New Vision for Lincoln." She got quite irked when the rest of us didn't want to pay for it.

- Abe

One Out In The Third. said...


Sounds like you have "Bold New Vision for Lincoln Pt. Deux" going now with the new center. I can't believe they want to abandon the Devaney...especially with the legacy of pathetic men's basketball played there. Smoker's wasted a lot of good lung to build it.

Abe said...

Well, I'm going to vote against it, but it will probably pass. Seems like a bad time to borrow a bunch of money & raise taxes for a Bold New Vision we can't afford.