Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Wondering...

What a planet slammer...I've rode out a 7.1 temblor and can't begin to imagine an 8.8.  This monster tied as the 5th strongest earthquake since 1900 and was 500 times stronger than the recent Haitian earthquake.  

There is one question that leaves me scratching my head in the wake of the recent quakes though...why has the magnitude of the tsunami's been weaker than forecast?  The Chilean quake put the whole Pacific and 53 nations under the gun for significant fast moving waves...they do move fast.  We have Tsunami Warning Centers across the planet with big budgets and lots of high tech gear.  Although this kind of bust is good...the busts seem to be occurring with a little more frequency.

Forecast Extent of Coverage
Tsunami Forecast Travel Time

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