Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life On Isla de Grande....Week in Review...

Crime this week in GI kept true to form...An early morning assault on a woman opening the Byco store across from Fonner Park...home of the New Nebraska State Fair...A brother stabbing a brother in the predawn hours...And one late entry this Saturday morning when a man broke in on two other men in a local motel room and beat them with "the arm of a chair."  The Chamber of Commerce attributed the latter crime to a moment of "religious fervor gone awry" and is blaming the Pope.  We should be paying for this type of entertainment.  Oh...we are. 

Also of note...the Sandhill Cranes are arriving in force...but avoid back roads...they are going through a mushy thaw cycle...are deeply rutted from the bad winter...and underwater in some areas around GI. 

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The Pip said...

There is still the Blitzkrieg of information on the census. I'm feeling so sorry for the Turd City that I might pitch a tent at Pier Park, just to help you all out. How much is the Chamber paying for legal intrastate immigrants? I'd probably do it for gas money, or a tall, dark draught at the Coop.