Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Useless Law Coming To You Soon...

The Clowns of the Unicameral are spinning their wheels again with more of their useless legislation.  That being the ban on texting while driving.  There are layers and layers of laws already on the books relating to dangerous driving...careless driving...willful wreckless and motor vehicle homicide to name a few.  Not only do these present laws cover texting...but also include dangerous driving associated with giant slurpee spills...eyeliner application or shaving while driving as one former Nebraska legislator was accused of a few years back.

How does a policeman profile a texter?  How do they know that the "alleged texter" isn't dialing a voice number?  "Honest officer I was just calling my mom."  Will they pull the violators phone records to prove he was texting at the time of the chain reaction collision?  I am sure a search warrant would be required and any good lawyer could squelch such an attempt.  What if little Becky hands her texting device over to her friend Louise who is riding shotgun just after she sent three cars careening into a cornfield?  "Honest your Honor...I was just letting her use my cell phone."   

This is a useless and unenforceable bill that ranks right up there with seat belt laws.  I wish our friends in Lincoln would spend more time reducing spending and less on feel good nanny government.        

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The Pip said...

The other one I'm trying to figure out is losing a license for MIP. All it is going to do is put a little more jack into the trial attorney's pockets. The irony of it all is that you can get caught with drugs, and still keep driving.

I realize that underage drinking is a problem, that needs to be stopped, but I don't know if this will have any effect on it. The other side of it is I'm just about fed up with all of the do-gooders screwing with our lives.