Monday, March 8, 2010

The Isle de Grande...Delayed Weekend Recap...

Was going to write a "sharp commentary" regarding the three million dollar shortfall GI is facing due to our city leadership's failure to not tax us enough (will discuss the details of that on-going robbery at a later time.)   What trumps the city's budget SNAFU is that local news folks were very...very...slow out of the gate in reporting the alleged Five Points Bank heist midday Saturday. 

Can't understand why the story didn't show up in the Sunday paper.  Maybe they had to clear it through the Chamber of Commerce before going to print????  Don't know if it made the weekend news on either NTV or KHAS.  I would think that maybe KHAS would have picked it up...NTV hasn't a clue on weekends.   Update:  KHAS-TV scooped them all...they reported the heist Saturday.      

What prompts a 15-year-old to rob a bank?  Did his allowance get cut due to the bad economy?   Under the influence of video games?  Maybe the Nanny Committee in the Unicameral can offer some sweeping legislation protecting teens...and bank tellers...from the evil of video games before this session ends.     

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