Wednesday, March 3, 2010

50,000 - By Hook or By Crook...

Bankrupt Grand Island's money grubbers are all excited about the upcoming 2010 Census.  They put "Pop. 50,000" on the signage to GI's entrances and the federal coffers will open like a dam break at Kingsley Dam...providing a flood of your tax dollars for it's "progressive" needs.  GI wants the 50K population so bad they are using local tax dollars to fund advertising on local media to "Get Out The Count."  I thought there were federal dollars already promoting the Census...I see the tacky commercials all the time on the telly.  

Today's news reveals that GI is obviously wasting its time and money.  Just do what they do in Ogallala...fake it by having the Clowns of the Unicameral change the rules to keep the federal flood gates open.  It seems anything goes anymore.  Maybe GI should charter a bus and import a few homeless to reach it's goal.   

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