Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beware...Census Scammers....

The Bogeyman is coming to your house soon.   He's out there.  He will be coming to your'll find him in your mailbox...knocking on your door...he's everywhere.   

He's in GI already...$90,000 in local tax dollars and "private contributions" are being spent to "boost" GI's population to 50,000...a move to latch deeper onto the federal teat.  My question is why not push it up to the next level?  If 50,000 nets you millions in federal tax dollars...what will a population of 75,000 do for us?  Bring in some more illegals...homeless...annex Funk.  Some local officials say the 50,000 doesn't have to be found within the city limits of's a "local area" thing.  Define "local area."  

Hey...federal dollars come from Kearney...Omaha...San Francisco...New's not just our's everybody's. 

As a "One Out" public is a tip on how to fill out Question 9 on your form.


Uncle Wiggily said...

Gawdammit, you can't have Funk ... We took an option on Funk (from Holdrege) several years ago (swapped 'em Odessa and a hamlet to be named later). You GIlanders hafta go the other way ... I hear Silver Creek is looking for a sugar-daddy.

The Pip said...

Can Aurora have Sacramento and Worms? We just want enough population to get a second traffic light. We'll need it when the millions make their annual pilgrimage to the Nebraska State Fair. I mean, after all, it is FREE grant money, isn't it?

Unk says to go the other way. Don't go east. Head north or south. We've got enough problems just being close to The Turd City.