Friday, August 13, 2010

Best Places To Eat During the Fair...

For Those With a Death Wish...The Fair Food.

For a Steak...Lulu's Prime Steakhouse in Chapman - 308-996-2244.  On Highway 30 just east of GI...great steaks but the prime rib and dinner salad are a little anemic.  Their specialty Chicken Fried Steak will serve 4 full grown lumberjacks easily...bad part...I think they are only open on weekends.  Number Two...Texas T-Bone on South Locust...I would have given them the #1 honors but their steaks have slipped in size and quality lately although their dinner salad is still probably the best in all of Nebraska and most surrounding states...a meal in itself.  The guy down the street to the south requires two forms of payment with his high dollar menu and you don't get what you pay for in my honest opinion.  

Chinese and a pleasant atmosphere...Hunan's on North Webb...catch the lunch menu or the evening won't regret it.  Other than the Tokyo Express near the north your money. 

For a sandwich and cool refreshing beverage...Bullwinkle's on North Webb.  They have the best sandwiches and by far the best french fries in town...they are actually served hot.  You may have to wrestle a local to find a place to sit...the place fills quickly in the evening.

Traditional Mexican...Rafa's - hands down.  While the owner is hedging on paying his share of the newly assigned food tax the city has imposed...their food is outstanding...but be ready for traditional.  There are other places that claim to be traditional in town...but in reality are no different than Taco Hell.  If you are really brave you might hit one of the Roach Coaches parked along South Locust *
*  See Fair Food.

For an cheap impromptu picnic...Hit Skagway and load up with a bag of your favorite chips...a bag of your favorite hamburger buns...a couple of cool drinks...a can of Bush Beans and utensils.  Then head to Schroder's at the Conestoga Mall Food Court...and pick up a pound or two of their beef brisket.  It melts before it reaches your around.  If you are into instant gratification...just go directly to the Mall and do a sitdown in their store next to the big screen. 

Best donuts in town...Skagway North at Five Points...get there before 8 am and you can practically steal a dozen.

Restaurants in Hastings...none...nada...don't waste your time. Ok...Murphy's Wagon Wheel downtown. 

Kearney...None worth driving the 80 mile round trip for...ok...the Cellar Lounge on North Second for a large order of their onion rings.
Coming in from the might catch a good meal at Chance's R' in York.  Coming in from the west...Ole's in Paxton...especially for Sunday Brunch...they serve a royal feast and you can watch the taxidermy look back at you while dining.   

Worth the drive and a GPS may not find them unless you have their Lat./Lon...catch them on the weekend...The Speak Easy southwest of Funk near the booming village of Sacramento.  The last mile may prove a challenge if it's been or is rainy.  Even on a dry day the last mile makes you think you have reached the edge of the universe...still worth it though if you are after a good steak.  For those wanting a waypoint...Lat./Lon.= 40 24 29.68 North...99 16 30.78 West... or the traditional phone number...308-995-4757

Coming next...the best way to sneak in and out of GI.


Uncle Wiggily said...

OK - I'm taking minimal umbrage at the semi-slight on Kearney eateries. While I won't argue with your recommendation for The Cellar's rings, I must point out that Little Mexico on East 25th has the best Tex-Mex in the Tri-Cities. Try the smothered burrito or the barrada - either is a real Mex-gasm.

Also, for those into bistro-type dining, The French Cafe located in the Kaufman Center is superb. Their potato casserole is guaranteed to give you a bona fide Chris Matthews leg tingle, and the pastries are so decadent they're illegal in several states. But get there before 2:00 PM - cause that's when they close.

One Out In The Third said...


Sorry for the slight...I forgot Little Mexico...I've dined there a few times and the smothered burrito is one of my favorite entrees. The French Cafe has piqued my appetite.

Thanks for your quick imput and I will urge traveling fair goers...and other folks looking for good groceries to give them a try.