Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greatest BS Story of the Year...

If you believe this to the degree it is being reported...I have some bridge stock on the Platte River you might be interested in.


Uncle Wiggily said...

I dunno, OOITT ... I'm no Gulf-ologist but I have been dubious about the hue and cry over the oil spill for some time now. The reported size of the spill relative to the total volume of the Gulf of Mexico just didn't compute to unmitigated disaster - at least to me.

For a pretty cogent discussion of what I'm talking about see:


Any oil spilled unnecessarily in the environment is to be avoided, of course, but methinks the shrimp-huggers might have gotten a little carried away with the whole DeepWater Horizon thing.

Just my two cents worth ....


One Out In The Third said...

Good shrimp is hard to find...I remember when I lived on the N. Carolina coast in the 70's buying bait shrimp for a 1.25 a pound. It was bigger and meatier than anything you will ever or have ever found at the Red Lubster. After buying bait shrimp I always just wanted to go home and cook it and forget about fishing.

I read the link you posted...thanks from bringing me back down to the big blue marble. I always looked at the Gulf as a giant cesspool shared by the U.S. and it's Latin neighbors anyway. I have fished the waters off both left coasts...the South China Sea and the Gulf of Alaska...I have never been able to bring myself to fish in the GOM.

The shrimphugger reference deja-vued me back to the folks relocating after Katrina and Rita...there were always the vocal few looking to milk the system as best they could...I think there is a bit of that going on here.

I also think the microbe story was a "fishing expedition" in it's own right...some professor looking for some guvmint grant money. That's the angry white guy cynic in me I guess.

Thanks for stopping by...The French Cafe is still sticking in the back of my mind.