Monday, August 23, 2010

No Change Here...

Getting back to the serious side of things....the right of our out-of-state and overseas military personnel to vote in local and national elections has been a hot button issue with me for years.  

In 2008, when Nebraska's Democratic leadership decided to be like Iowa and control ballots with a "caucus" issue that jumped out immediately was how this process denied our military personnel a fair shot in picking candidates.  I wrote members of the NDP and Ben Nelson pointing out how a caucus would not let our troops be a true part of the process.  All I got back was lip service.  Nebraska's first Democratic Caucus came and utter failure and with record low participation...contrary to their toutings.

Things haven't changed a lick for our troops...their voice remains stifled and our friends in D.C...on the Democratic side for some reason...still turn their backs on the men and women they send into harms way.  Get off your butt Senator Nelson and straighten this mess out.  Our troops have earned their right to vote...and to have their vote counted.

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