Friday, August 27, 2010

Grand A"Fair" - Day One... was packed...automobiles lined both sides of the streets for blocks...filling church parking lots...children filled with excitement...people wheeling in in wheel chairs...I kid you not.  Not on the south side of town...but the north.  Day one of the State Fair...and Skagway North...GI's long-time super market puts on it's annual free customer appreciation barbeque with live entertainment at Abbott Park across the street from their store.  I bet there were over a thousand people served.  Didn't see any out of county was a majority of hard working Grand Island people.

Heineman was at the State Fair Grand Opening with his toothy cheerleader smile working the crowd...Mike Meister showed up in his Goodwill it seersucker?...and bad mouthed the Gov. on the 6 o'clock NTV news.  Funny thing was...Heineman followed Meister and although he didn't throw any cheap shots back at Meister...he did go out of his way to make sure he said he wasn't going to lower himself by throwing any cheap shots at Meister like Meister threw at him.  A true gentleman politician wouldn't have even acknowledged that Meister made a cheap shot in the first place.  Sticks and Stones Governor.  Heineman's mistake of the day was not showing up at the Skagway barbeque and hanging out with some real Nebraskans.

One proud moment for GI and the State Fair came when our Mayor proclaimed..."Take a whiff...we don't stink anymore."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greatest BS Story of the Year...

If you believe this to the degree it is being reported...I have some bridge stock on the Platte River you might be interested in.

Hindenburg Update....

The father of the "Hindenburg Omen" has parachuted from the ship.  Thought the DJI was on a slight rebound early this afternoon then it tanked.  Obama's "Summer of Recovery" continues...tanking markets and housing values in the toilet. 

The Best Way To Get To The State Fair...

Ok...there is no best way...expect traffic congestion and delays once you hit the GI city limits...I am sure the local AM newsradio will be providing traffic updates.  

If you are coming in on the newly finished South Locust "Obama Stimulus Expressway" (paid for with "free money" I might add) expect the first bottleneck at the south Wal-Mart.  There are two poorly placed traffic lights within less than a block of each other at the Highway 34 junction and unless the City Engineer or Traffic Division has a brainfart and realizes this will be a problem...there will be issues.  The next bottleneck will be at the main entrance on South Locust on the west side of Fonner.  On an average day there is lots of local traffic going both ways and with Fair traffic crossing into Fonner from the north it will be jam city.  I wonder if they will close off left turns from the north into Fonner?...or if they will use the traffic light or have the NSP doing hand and arm signals?  It's two lanes each way and unless the locals stay home it will be gridlock.  A story in this morning's foot-wide newspaper tells how the local Chamber of will be conducting daily prayer services during the Fair to pray for smooth traffic flow.  Everyone is "hoping."    

If you are coming from the east I suggest taking the east exit on into town on 34/2...take the free turn onto South Locust and then wait in the mile-and-a-half line like everyone else...keep to the right.  Coming from west or are on your own...everyone knows no one lives west or north of GI.  Don't try parking in any of the surrounding business lots...they are already posting notices in the local foot-wide newspaper saying violators will be towed.  Skagway South and Advance Auto well as some other businesses are offering $10.00 parking but it is limited to a few stalls.  Shuttle service will be available from satellite parking areas where-ever they are.     

As a good citizen I promise to avoid South Locust during the Fair.  The key is to drive safely and be patient.  And no road rage...

Monday, August 23, 2010

No Change Here...

Getting back to the serious side of things....the right of our out-of-state and overseas military personnel to vote in local and national elections has been a hot button issue with me for years.  

In 2008, when Nebraska's Democratic leadership decided to be like Iowa and control ballots with a "caucus" issue that jumped out immediately was how this process denied our military personnel a fair shot in picking candidates.  I wrote members of the NDP and Ben Nelson pointing out how a caucus would not let our troops be a true part of the process.  All I got back was lip service.  Nebraska's first Democratic Caucus came and utter failure and with record low participation...contrary to their toutings.

Things haven't changed a lick for our troops...their voice remains stifled and our friends in D.C...on the Democratic side for some reason...still turn their backs on the men and women they send into harms way.  Get off your butt Senator Nelson and straighten this mess out.  Our troops have earned their right to vote...and to have their vote counted.

Snub The Tub...

Prince Charles says the Brits...and the rest of us I guess...should rip out our bathtubs and stick to a short 5-minute shower to help stem the tide of excess carbon use that he and "Chicken of the Sea" James Cameron believe is destroying our planet.  The princely comments were more amusing than the article...especially the one from the poet in St. Louis. 

Loose Cannon Alert...

Chuck Hagel tooted his horn again today endorsing Pennsylvania's Joe "Gimme A Job and I'll Leave Arlen Alone" Sestak as his pick for the U.S. Senate.

Political motivation???  You betcha...Hagel is hoping Obama will look his way when he reloads his cabinet...Secretary of Defense...Secretary of Defense.  It's funny in a sickening way how far ego drives politicians. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

GI Independent Newsdogs Asleep At The Wheel...

Well could just be selective news reporting by our local foot-wide parakeet cage liner.  I find it odd that NTV and KHAS both picked up on the report yesterday and the crimebeat crew at the Independent remains majorly "scooped."   

The little voice in the back of my mind says the Independent suffered a "Chamber of Commerce" moment and chose to ignore the story...but then again you can only fit so much news into a foot-wide newspaper...especially when the County Sheriff is taking away our fishing and crane viewing rights.  The funny thing is...well not funny...they dumped the body next to the bridge so the signage should also restrict the area around the bridge. 


Putting The "Spill" Into Perspective...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rocky September???...

Never heard mention of this predictor before...the question is do we sell now or just wait and watch it come and go???  Stay tuned.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nuff Said...God Bless Our Troops...

Best Places To Eat During the Fair...

For Those With a Death Wish...The Fair Food.

For a Steak...Lulu's Prime Steakhouse in Chapman - 308-996-2244.  On Highway 30 just east of GI...great steaks but the prime rib and dinner salad are a little anemic.  Their specialty Chicken Fried Steak will serve 4 full grown lumberjacks easily...bad part...I think they are only open on weekends.  Number Two...Texas T-Bone on South Locust...I would have given them the #1 honors but their steaks have slipped in size and quality lately although their dinner salad is still probably the best in all of Nebraska and most surrounding states...a meal in itself.  The guy down the street to the south requires two forms of payment with his high dollar menu and you don't get what you pay for in my honest opinion.  

Chinese and a pleasant atmosphere...Hunan's on North Webb...catch the lunch menu or the evening won't regret it.  Other than the Tokyo Express near the north your money. 

For a sandwich and cool refreshing beverage...Bullwinkle's on North Webb.  They have the best sandwiches and by far the best french fries in town...they are actually served hot.  You may have to wrestle a local to find a place to sit...the place fills quickly in the evening.

Traditional Mexican...Rafa's - hands down.  While the owner is hedging on paying his share of the newly assigned food tax the city has imposed...their food is outstanding...but be ready for traditional.  There are other places that claim to be traditional in town...but in reality are no different than Taco Hell.  If you are really brave you might hit one of the Roach Coaches parked along South Locust *
*  See Fair Food.

For an cheap impromptu picnic...Hit Skagway and load up with a bag of your favorite chips...a bag of your favorite hamburger buns...a couple of cool drinks...a can of Bush Beans and utensils.  Then head to Schroder's at the Conestoga Mall Food Court...and pick up a pound or two of their beef brisket.  It melts before it reaches your around.  If you are into instant gratification...just go directly to the Mall and do a sitdown in their store next to the big screen. 

Best donuts in town...Skagway North at Five Points...get there before 8 am and you can practically steal a dozen.

Restaurants in Hastings...none...nada...don't waste your time. Ok...Murphy's Wagon Wheel downtown. 

Kearney...None worth driving the 80 mile round trip for...ok...the Cellar Lounge on North Second for a large order of their onion rings.
Coming in from the might catch a good meal at Chance's R' in York.  Coming in from the west...Ole's in Paxton...especially for Sunday Brunch...they serve a royal feast and you can watch the taxidermy look back at you while dining.   

Worth the drive and a GPS may not find them unless you have their Lat./Lon...catch them on the weekend...The Speak Easy southwest of Funk near the booming village of Sacramento.  The last mile may prove a challenge if it's been or is rainy.  Even on a dry day the last mile makes you think you have reached the edge of the universe...still worth it though if you are after a good steak.  For those wanting a waypoint...Lat./Lon.= 40 24 29.68 North...99 16 30.78 West... or the traditional phone number...308-995-4757

Coming next...the best way to sneak in and out of GI.

They Still Don't Get It...

Grand Island's City Council and Mayor continue to show little sincerity in reducing city spending and holding property taxes at current levels. They continue to come up with nickel and dime cuts here and there but nothing with teeth.  

When you are talking about revenue shortfalls to the tune of millions the best they can come up with is the elimination of a bad idea round-about and cutting the funding for studies for an overpass that will only lead to traffic gridlock in downtown GI (the council was really sorry to have to cut the study funding because there were millions of dollars in "grant money" available for it's construction - why do local politicians and city managers believe "grant money" is free?)  They also decided not to build the Fire Training Center...after spending over half a million dollars for 20 acres to build it on...I want to know how that property was ever valued at $590K???

If they were serious they would permanently close the Heartland Shooting Park...cut back the overfunded public parks...and close the Library back a few more hours than the token 5 hours they offered.  Instead...they want to close two of the four recently built wading pools that are free to local children while a visit to the Water Park costs the better part of a 50 dollar bill for a family of four...and then terminate the people that actually fix our streets...sewers and water works and provide police safety.

GI's present and past Mayor's and Councils have spent taxpayer dollars like whores on a holiday...a new showplace city hall with major cost overruns...a Convention Center voted down twice by voters and of most recent the grab for the State Fair.  It's obvious that the State Fair was a red herring when other Nebraska cities wouldn't touch the State Fair.  We are now left with a deteriorating infrastructure that can't be funded because of frivolity.  Why didn't they have the foresight 10 to 20 years ago?  I can only attribute it to their own personal greed...that and the good old Chamber of Commerce mentality.

Mitch Nickerson...who has never been a taxpayers friend...must have drawn the short straw and offered up the possibility of a property tax increase while the Mayor clamored she just wanted the budget passed soon...she must have better things to do.  You can bank that our Mayor and Council already have a property tax increase planned and will hit us with it at the last moment because Lord knows we've cut everything imaginable...I call BS! 

Meanwhile our Mayor avoids city taxes on her family business...wants handouts to expand her business...all while making record profits as gun and bullet sales soar by 45 percent across America...all while paying $14.00 an hour. 

So when you pull into town to visit our State Fair...bring lots of cash and be sure to spend it...we need it.  Wear your Kevlar too...City and County Law Enforcement staffing is lean.  Try not to commit any crimes either...our Taj Mahal jail has too many vacancies and it's not generating enough revenue from the you might have to cook your own meal before TV time.  Maybe they could cut costs at the jail by turning the air conditioner up a couple degrees.     

Coming soon...the best places to eat in and around Grand Island during the State Fair and how to sneak into town without using what will likely be a gridlocked Obama Stimulus Expressway - South Locust.    

"Recovery Summer"...A Joke At Best...

Gallup just completed a survey of weekly spending that reveals further decline in the average Americans spending during the first week of August 2010...a month where most parents are preparing for the new school year.  Even worse than last years poor numbers.  While the present administration...government officials and economic guru's right down to the local level keep singing the "Happy Song" one can only wonder how much worse it's going to get before it gets better.  To be honest...the way our government spends...all levels...I doubt we will see a "recovery" in our children's or grandchildren's lifetime.  

With "back to school spending" in the toilet...makes you wonder how Christmas sales will go after the seasonal employees get their pink slips.