Monday, February 8, 2010

Deer? What Deer?

Nebraska for years has had an overabundance of deer.  Now...the NG&P Commission has given up and says "No Mas" and is letting our Unicameral decide how to control the deer herds.  They have made all kinds of suggestions that stop just short of "deer drive-bys" ranchers and farmers the right to drop Bambi and his cousins any day of the year and as many as possible.  Even going as far as paying a 25.00 bounty.  In a rare moment of wisdom they did back off on night hunting.  

My question is...What do they have planned for the snow geese that each drop a pound of doo-doo in Nebraska rivers...lakes and ponds on a daily basis?  Snow geese numbers are growing exponentially from east to west across the state and are showing up in places they never used to.  Turkey legislation may also have to be a back burner consideration by our friends in the Unicameral as they seem to have replaced the pheasant population in our state.   

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The Pip said...

My whole problem with the deer issue is they can give away unlimited permits, but without finding places for the hunters, nothing will happen. When the locals get shut out because of leases, we have lost it.

Doe only seasons. You must have proof of shooting at least 5 does before you can get a buck permit. Otherwise you can buy one for $500.

As far as the sky carp, thats a Federal issue. Nothing more complex than trying to simplify something.