Sunday, February 14, 2010

Letters...We Get Letters...We Get Lots and Lots of Letters...

Not really.  But I find it interesting in who...or is it whom?..stops by my poor excuse for a blog site.  I installed the Feedjit gadget out of interest to see where stoppers-by hail from.  One post I made when the Copenhagen Summit was underway has had about a half dozen hits from India and a couple from folks in Norway.  Now I know that the folks in India stand to see a lot of rupees come their way if Al Gore actually sells his snake oil and the world buys into it.  But I hope for the sake of the world Al Gore is swallowed up in a that emits lots of methane...he'll feel right at home that way. 

I also hope the title of my post did not give the folks over there in the shadows of the dripping Himalayas hope.  I just wish them well and hope they can become as responsible for their part of the planet as we have in the United States over the past 50 years.  How now "brown cloud?" 

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