Friday, February 26, 2010

No Working Lunch Here...

While at work Thursday I caught a couple brief glimpses of the ObamaCare Bi-Partisan Parley.  Didn't have the audio turned up as the television is meant to be for situational awareness.  So...without audio I had to visually interpret my quick glimpses of the proceedings.  What did I interpret you ask?  Well...I'll tell you anyway.  

First of all I saw a bunch of D's' gathered in one area...and R's grouped up in another area.  Where the Hell was the Seating Czar?  We don't have one you say?  Well I guess I will have to perform a self-appointment.  What I would have done is arrange the seating DRDRDRDRDRDRDR...etc.  That arrangement would have been noticed by Joe and Jane Sixpack.  Reid and Pelosi looked like the Corsican Brothers...joined by a common bladder with Obama.  

Come lunchtime Obama slips off...nnnnnnnnnoooo.  As Lunch Room Monitor Czar...he sits and eats out of the same Valentino's buffet like everyone else.  Hopping from table to table in 5 minute intervals...being one with the troops.  

The whole thing appeared staged and the 2:1 ratio of talk time favoring the Dems made it appear even more so.  I think bi-partisanship got left out in the parley parking lot. 

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