Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Isle de Grande...Weekend Recap.

All kinds of news in the Home of the State Fair this week.  The local news reports a "gang or rafter" of turkey's taking over Hall County Park...seems this takeover has disturbed some of the local "high roofers" and they want Game and Parks to come in and arrest and relocate them.   A few other "gangs" of a different species of turkey needs some attention in GI too.  Speaking of arrests...was coming back from Kearney yesterday about 3 pm and just west of Alda ran into a "rafter" of State Patrol and Sheriffs' cars swarmed around a mini-van.  Noticed a nice young man in cuffs getting a lot of attention.  Didn't know if I should drive through or stop with all the flashing lights.  Another patrolman was coming in from the east like a bat out of hell...he tried to cross the median and failed to realize that yesterdays warm temps had turned the center median into a quagmire resulting in a nice out of control slide.  I was looking at a possible head-on if I stopped so I went on...of course if he would have hit me it would have been my fault since he had his flashers on.   I don't know why the patrolman felt he needed to be in such a rush...there were already 7 cars surrounding the detainee.  On a related note...donut sales were reported down in GI yesterday afternoon. 

Life in GI can't go on with what seems to be a murder of the week.  This weeks stabbing/bludgeoning was allegedly committed by a mother/son team in the shadow of the State Fair grounds.  Other than that just a random assortment of burglaries...forgeries...assault and strangulations and child abuse.  It's Obama's fault...all those unemployed men out there.  Friday's jail report included 202 inmates/detainees...11 new bookings and 9 releases.

Mr's One Out combs the daily liberal whinings with a little more scrutiny than I...and was perusing the legals and came across what appears to be a "Payouts For Parents Program" in the school spending report.  Hundreds if not thousands of dollars paid out for "parental mileage."  Seems if the school doesn't provide bus service parents are reimbursed for mileage.  This must be a new program...well in the last 40 or 50 years or so because there was no reimbursement to my parents...or any of my friends parents that I know of.  You had to go to school and you either walked...rode your a ride at your own expense or pooled with others because school was mandatory...bus or no bus...uphill both ways in the snow or not.  I would think if the state or locals are trying to find things to cut from the budget to save money...this line item would be one of the first.  

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Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. When I went to country school in north central Nebraska in the 1960s mileage was paid. My recollection is that mileage was paid for students who lived more than 4 miles from school.