Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Bunch of "Smackin' Nazi's"...

Our outgoing mayor...known for her blunt alligator mouth remarks...literally stated Arizonan's are a bunch of Nazi's when it comes to the recent Arizona Immigration Law.  In a recent interview with the Grand Island Independent (Saturday May 22nd, 2010 edition...Page 4-A...upper right...Lincoln Pool Story...last sentence) she blatantly...likely without much thought...used the "N-word."  I find it odd too that the Indy didn't post the Newsmakers weekly interview on their web-site like they ALWAYS usually gets center page billing.  Too many State Track meet stories George?

Like her liberal friends in the video I seriously doubt that she has read the bill (I's a brief 18 pages...not ten like some purport).  I guess it's expected from our mayor...being the good Democrat that she is.  The video leaves me wondering who the real puppets are.  

It's a good thing she's headed out the door...her spending has set this city back several years...and her final day in office can't come soon enough for a lot of us.  I look forward to her crawling back into her "tax free" zone.  Maybe Arizonan's ought to boycott Hornady Bullet products while they cut the power to LA???

Of course all this has left me pondering what our mayoral wannabe's are thinking about Arizona's law?  I bet a dollar to a donut that our former mayor wannabe...the good Republican he touts himself to be...pulls some kind of  "Heiny Manuever" when queried about what the folks in Arizona or Fremont are trying to do to stop the costs borne by illegals.  So like his primary opponents...who also call a club a club...I will be voting for the other guy come November. 

By the way...I support Arizona's law...they are doing what the U.S. Government fails miserably at...enforcing the same laws.  

The Arizona Bill...  

The Fremont, Nebraska Ordinance proposed in 2008... 

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