Monday, May 10, 2010

The Running Man Revisited...

The recent rash of taserings has added another dimension to sporting events.  I am thinking this could be the next version...albeit somewhat tamer...of the running of the bulls held in Pamplona each year.  Baseball and golf are boring venues.  It's time to spice things up...spontaneous taser runnings during the 7th inning stretch...anytime during a golf tournament...and during half-time events at football games.  4 or 5 runners out on the field or course at one time trying to dodge the taser would only make it that much more exciting.  Throw 3 or 4 "taserers" into a marathon run and I bet the Boston Marathon would see faster times.  Can you imagine the grimacing that slow motion would capture?  Let's liven up boring sports. 

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