Monday, May 17, 2010


The true color of our Cheerleader-in-Chief re-surfaced today during his call-in show.  With all the goings-on in Arizona...Dave says leave it up to the folks in's not my hometown anymore...until the next election that is.  What exactly is your stand on illegal immigration Governor?  Is Arizona wrong?  Maybe we should get Miss Oklahoma up here to run for office.  

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The Pip said...

Good to know he doesn't dabble in local politics. He can keep his traveling dog and pony campaigning show the hell out of here. I have a feeling when he has dried up the stimulus money, he will be nose deep in local politics.

Why doesn't he just announce he is running for Ol Earmark's job, appoint yes man Sheehy, and deny us another chance to elect our next governor?

Tinyman without an opinion? That is a first.